Copper & PEX. Repipe Mira Mesa

When Do You Need Repipe Services?

-After you notice a big spike in your water bill
-There are frequent burst pipes and water leaks
-There is a huge loss in the home’s water pressure.

Some of these problems might require minor repairs, in which case we will be glad to offer a prompt solution. Repipe services might end up saving you money in terms of future repairs and utility costs.

What Is The Best Pipe Material For You?

There are two popular types of piping materials that plumbers use in repipe projects:

Copper and PEX. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Either way , they’re safe and efficient, however, there are a few key differences that might sway your decision about which one to choose:


Copper has been the industry standard for a very long time. It produces sturdy joints and has a longer lifetime span than PEX. The only disadvantage of using copper in repipe services is that the upfront cost is higher than PEX.


Our Company Takes These Steps Everytime We Perform A Repipe

Step 1: Inspection

Careful inspection throughout the home, paying attention to the current placements of pipes and the amount of fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, ice makers, hose bibs. 

Step 2: Planning

Thorough planning based on the placement of the fixtures, making a determination of where the shortest way for the pipes would be to make sure that we can have hot water being pumped as fast as possible. This will save water and energy, as well as ensure that there is little to no inconvenience to the homeowners.

Step 3: Building The New Water System

Our Projects

Photographs During Some Recent Repipes

Preparing for drywall openings


What copper pipes look like before soldiering ​


PEX. pipes ran through ceiling


What your copper pipes look like in the attic​


4 unit apartament building​


New pressure regulator valve during repipe


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