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About : Repipe Home Hero – Plumbing & Pipe Specialist

We are a family owned and operated business. Our company is fully bonded,insured, and holds a California Plumbing License. C-36 Lic. #1075463

With a team full of professionals we strive to perfect every little aspect of our work and make sure all work is 100% complete before we leave, while our customers are terrificly satisfied with the results. Our team focuses on professional repiping & plumbing looking forward to bettering all of San Diego.

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Our Services

Repipe Home Hero Provides All Types Of Plumbing Assistance

Leak Repair

Our team will asisst you with your pipe leak as soon as possible by placing temporary piece or replacing a small part of the leaky pipe

Copper & PEX. Repipe

Full House Repipe with Copper L Type & PEX. (cross-linked polyethylene)


If you are looking for a temporary solution our team is ready to assist you with a reroute of a full potable water line

Additional Services

We Also Offer

Tank/Tankless Water Heater Installation
Water Filter Installation
Shower Valve + Kit Installation
& More

What Our Customers Think

We practice discpline at every project in order to keep our customers happy. Our team takes pride in every residential and commerical project we complete.

Louise ALouise A
17:11 29 Feb 24
My husband and I live in a 1951 adobe home. We had some problems with the hot water in our kitchen. One plumber told us we should look into repiping our entire house since he believed the problem in the kitchen was just the beginning. My husband started researching and called a couple companies that had been recommended to us. He found Repipe Home Hero on Yelp and was impressed with their reviews. Three companies came out to evaluate our home and give us estimates. Simeon arrived from Repipe Home Hero, and my husband was impressed with him right away; his estimate of the job was reasonable considering the scope of the work that needed to be done. Simeon was not intimidated by our adobe home. In fact, he seemed to like the challenges that it presented. This was a big job. Simeon and his partner Slava rose to the occasion. Our entire home was replaced with copper pipes. These young men were polite and respectful of our home. They covered areas to keep off the dust, and they covered the floors where they would be working and walking. This kind of work can be loud and messy, but Simeon and Slava mitigated that inconvenience for us. We never were without water in the evenings, and when water needed to be turned off for a short time here or there during the day, we were given advance notice. Simeon and Slava have a great work ethic. They were here on time, worked late on days they needed to and even worked on a Saturday to complete the job on schedule. Their work passed city inspection easily. The quality of the work was impeccable. Once the inspection was completed, Slava and Simeon began the patch work. They did incredible work on all aspects of that. Our adobe home has a unique texture pattern on the ceilings. Simeon was able to replicate that pattern. You wouldn't even know that parts of the ceiling had been cut out.These men were pleasant, courteous, hard-working, and they were great problem solvers. We highly recommend Repipe Home Hero!
Steve LSteve L
16:49 18 Feb 24
We could not be happier with the job that Repipe Home Hero did in our home. Simon, Stefan, and Slava were courteous, professional, and hard working. Their skills were evident in the precise way they designed the new system, opened the drywall, and ran the new piping. Solder joints and pipe layout were a work of art. The building inspector even said that he has inspected this company's work over the years and their work is always top-notch. We very highly recommend this business.
Will DeutschendorfWill Deutschendorf
02:07 31 Jan 24
Called and got a quote from another company to Repipe and they quoted me a much higher price with very little breakdown. I found Home Hero and not only did they offer a much better price they told me I wasn’t responsible for the cold water replacement. They fixed it all faster than expected and I am very happy with the honesty and simple fixes that were recommended to prevent future problems down the line.Needless to say I’ll be recommending them to everyone I know who needs plumbing help.
22:52 31 Dec 23
They did repipe in my home. They are professional and respectful. I will call them again when I need to.
Johan LabranaJohan Labrana
21:21 18 Dec 23
Repipe Home Hero did a fantastic job at repiping my entire home! Would definitely recommend!
Barbara DonnellyBarbara Donnelly
20:57 03 Dec 23
Simeon did an outstanding job replacing my kitchen sink faucet, water filter faucet and drain. He worked my job into his schedule at the last minute, for a very reasonable price. A very professional company. If you need large or small plumbing work done, I highly recommend Repipe Home Hero.
larry whitelarry white
00:33 29 Nov 23
Repipe Home Hero did a great job repiping our home with copper. We had a pinhole leak in an upstairs bath (28 yr old house) that did considerable damage upstairs and downstairs. We decided to repipe the whole house. We got 3 bids and theirs was the lowest AND it included the drywall repatching - which none of the other bids did. This was a tremendous advantage to just deal with one company to get the whole job done and not have to go hire someone else for the drywall. Their drywall skills are as good as their plumbing skills so we also had them patch other areas impacted by the leak. Overall the crew was responsive, timely and great to work with before, during and after the job was complete. Highly recommend Repipe Home Hero.
carmen mendozacarmen mendoza
21:21 21 Nov 23
We had a wonderful experience w/ this company. We were so surprised that they were willing to work on a Saturday and even offered to stay longer, Until the job was done. It was a Saturday night at 5:00 pm and we were having a dinner party that night and they went above and beyond to get all of our plumbing work done so we could entertain w/ our plumbing intact. They informed me that they were working on Sunday also. Simeon is trustworthy and considerate . I would recommend them to anyone who needs an honest plumber. If you’re looking for an honest, reliable plumber, this is the company!
Pei GuPei Gu
18:35 09 Nov 23
We had to do the entire house repiping two weeks ago. We are glad we hired Repipe Home Hero. They did wonderful job. We are in particular impressed that they did this repiping in a way with minimum disturbance to the inside of the house. Our kitchen was remodeled just few years ago. We had some concern that they would cut the kitchen drywall to install new pipe. After they knew this, all the repiping for the kitchen was done without cutting the drywall from inside. They managed to open the wood panel from outside for installation. Stefan and another staff who did my kitchen was technically excellent. They are repiping hero.
Sally ZamadicsSally Zamadics
03:05 01 Nov 23
Had the best experience with Simeon and the rest of the team! Fair pricing, professionalism, nice team and quick, solid work. Great repiping and excellent finish work. The walls look great! Highly recommend.
Mary JudeMary Jude
18:21 23 Oct 23
Repipe review:There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing Stefan and his crew are. They came in clutch and was able to troubleshoot and fix a really bad leak. Decided to repipe an old home since we’re unsure of the condition of the rest of the pipes and if anything, for some peace of mind. From the initial visit/consult to the drywall fix and replacement up to the final day they have been nothing but professional, kind, and remarkable. You can tell they take pride in what they do and the quality of their work is extraordinary. They definitely went above and beyond and I couldn’t be more grateful.
Adam HepburnAdam Hepburn
17:12 12 Sep 23
Repipe Home Hero and Stefan were extremely professional, skilled, and efficient. After two water leaks within 6 months, I decided to repipe my entire house. It was a big job. From the moment Stefan came out to give me quote to the time he finished before the proposed completion date, he and his team were fantastic. They were very clean and made sure all of my house was protected during the entire job. Moreover, they only cut holes where they absolutely had to, thereby minimizing the need for extensive drywall. Moreover, unlike other repipe companies, Repipe Home Hero patches up all the drywall and they did an amazing job. I switched from copper to PEX due to the water content in our neighborhood. Stefan had the city inspector come out and it passed inspection without any issue. Moreover, Stefan and his team upgraded items on my water heater, main water line, and toilets just because it was the right thing to do and didn't even charge me for the upgrades. I can say without question I would hire these guys again and would refer anyone to them. Thank you again Stefan and Repipe Home Hero, you guys are great. I have no doubt that you will continue to be successful.
23:23 07 Sep 23
REPIPE HOME HERO repiped my entire home to relieve ongoing pin hole leaks from our copper pipes. Using PEX1, they expertly replaced all copper pipes as well as all valves and all supply lines.Stefan and his team skillfully completed the repipe project in 3 days, including drywall replacement and texturing. The drywall access hole repairs they made were excellent! As if it was new. Most did not need to be painted.He and his team were extremely polite, on time, well organized and efficient.I highly recommend and trust REPIPE HOME HERO for a fast and high quality job.BR
D GalaponD Galapon
03:36 28 Jul 23
We had to reroute our pipes from the water heater to inside the house. The job took only one day. Stefan was very responsive. They were quick to schedule an estimate. They were also quick to get the job done. They showed up on time, and did a really nice job patching up the walls afterwards. You can't even tell that there were holes in the wall. They also do a good job cleaning up at the end. Prices are reasonable too. They will provide quality work to make sure the customer is happy!
A DuffA Duff
06:35 07 May 23
Whole house repipe with City Permit and Inspection. A major project made minimally invasive by Repipe Home Hero Plumbing. My family and I stayed in our home during the entire process, only having the water turned off for 2 of 3 afternoons where we made accommodations to be out and about. Initially, Stefan excepted our reach for help having Simon come out for an estimate just a day later - only because I was at work the day. Simon was very respectful representing his company professionally as he walked us through the initial process and answered all questions. Stefan ended up taking the lead on the project. Only small patches of drywall was removed as needed. Extensive plastic coverings were used to respect our home and belongings. Although we offered to move whatever was necessary, Stefan and Alex insisted on doing everything. They are on-time, diligent, knowledgeable, and detailed always sweeping up messes and keeping tools and equipment neat and in order. I believe Rudy and Erkov (forgive my spelling) helped on separate days. These gentleman also deserve mention as their work and respect should not go unmentioned. Finally, the morning after completion, we contacted Stefan with a concern for sounds in the wall. Stefan unexpectedly showed up a few hours later without hesitation. He was arrived with tools and ready to work. Luckily, nothing had to be done, but Stefan’s commitment and reliability to good service is top notch. Granted, it was a pretty penny for the project, but we are happy to have chosen Stefan and his crew. Highly recommended.
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Reasons Why People Choose Repipe Home Hero

Quality Material

We provide high quality U.S.A made materials gathered from trusted suppliers.


Our company holds a California Plumbing License, with an immaculate crew

Trained Crew​

Our team of skilled professionals consistently goes beyond delivering expertise, while ensuring your satisfaction is not just met but exceeded.

Highly Recommended​

Repipe Home Hero holds only 5 star reviews across many platforms from our repipes to our simple services.

Quick Response​

Our crew is always by the phone, which means we are ready to assist you as soon as possible.

Time Availability​

We try to accomodate time availability that will work both for our clients and crew.

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