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We can help with bathroom renovations and finding the right toilet. Our technicians offer expert installation of your new toilet .

Shower Valve + Kit Replacement

With showers corroding over time, they begin to leak, which causes damage to your home. We provide a shower valve change, which involves changing only the inside of the shower–this is most likely where your leak is coming from. Alternatively, we are able to install a brand new shower kit which includes a shower plate, spout (if needed), shower head, and shower valve.

Water Purifier System

The water content that comes out of our faucets is not the cleanest and safest that we could provide for our families. Our team installs small water purification systems under your kitchen sink or a main purifier system which will clean all of the water which is entering your home.

Water Heaters

We offer both traditional gas & electric tank and tankless water heater installation services, Our experienced technicians choose the best equipment for your needs. We are committed to quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Schedule your installation service today.

Leak Repair

With our team specializing in repipe, we are able to assist with minor leak repairs. This can vary from what the client would prefer, either changing a whole water pipe line or just simply fixing the leaky spot.

Sink Faucet

We offer installation services for your kitchen, bar, bathroom, or laundry sink. Choose from a wide variety of designs and finishes to match your style and needs perfectly. Our team of experts will handle the installation quickly and efficiently, so you can start enjoying your upgrade in no time. Your home (and sinks) will thank you!

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